Summer's Almost Over, So What is Your Favorite Memory?

Share your favorite memory in pictures from the Summer of 2012.

Fall is still a little more than two weeks away, but for all intents and purposes, Labor Day marks the real end of summer. Kids are back in school and there is already that, ever so slight, chill in the air in the early mornings. So as we ready to put one more summer to bed, what is your fondest memory of this year's summer season?

Was it the Labor Day picnic, or Memorial Day when the whole summer still stretched ahead of you? Was it that summer vacation that you finally got to take? What made summer 2012 special for you? And did you manage to capture it in pictures?

For me, it was a special Father's Day trip to Lake Lanier that the boys arranged for their Dad. I might not be their father, but I figured it would be OK if I went along for the ride. I've uploaded some of my pictures from that day.

Share your favorite memories of the Summer of 2012 by uploading your pictures here and tell us what made this summer special for you.


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