Man Cited for Hunting over Bait on Someone Else's Property in Walton County

Georgia DNR Enforcement reports citing a man in Walton County for hunting on someone else's property, without a hunting license and using bait.

The Georgia Department of Natural Resources reported in its latest enforcement update that a Walton County man was cited for hunting on someone else's property. Not only that, he wasn't licensed to hunt at all and he was hunting over bait - all additional violations.

According to the report, the complainant reported he encountered someone hunting on his hunting lease that had harvested a fawn deer with bow and he had found five baited deer stands also on the property. While checking the property, the ranger reportedly some dried blood under a stand and a spent 270 cal. rifle casing. The complainant provided the name of a person he had encountered on his property earlier and when contacted, the subject reportedly admitted to hunting and harvesting two deer from the stands on the complaint property. One deer had been taken several days prior with a 270 rifle and another earlier that day with a bow. Citations were issued for hunting w/o permission, hunting w/o a license, hunting big game over bait, hunting deer out season and possession of illegally taken wildlife. Written warnings were given for other license violations.

In another instance, rangers received information that a subject had been hunting deer with a shotgun during archery season and hunting over bait. This subject also admitted to the infractions and was issued citations for hunting big game over bait, hunting w/o a license, and hunting out of season.

Written warning was issued for other license violations. Hunting Rules and Regulations can be found on the Georgia DNR website.


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