Tree Crashes Through House in Monroe

No one injured in the incident.

The City of Monroe Fire Department responded to call of a tree down on Wednesday afternoon. Per Bill Owens, a large oak tree which was apparently dead, had crushed the home at 417 Pine Circle in Monroe.  

Jason Bramlett, an ISA Certified Arborist and Operations Manager at North American Tree, says that in general, trees have grown weak with the droughts over the past years. "The combination of roots dying back and the soil becoming completely saturated usually brings them down." If you add a little wind, trees with root problems can fall.

If you are concerned about a tree, he suggests that you call a certified arborist for an inspection before it falls.  Some signs to look for are include: :

  • Tip decline (the tops of the trees show dead tips at the end of the branches) 
  • Fruiting bodies (mushrooms) at the base; though not all mushrooms are bad. 

Despite the incredible damage to the house, no one was injured when the tree came crashing down.


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