It's a Bad Idea to Call 911 on Your Neighbors if You Have Outstanding Warrants

A Monroe woman ended up going to jail herself after calling police on neighbors for setting off fireworks.

Walton County Sheriff's Office
Walton County Sheriff's Office

A warrant was served on a Monroe woman after she called 911 to complain about neighbors setting off fireworks. According to the incident report from Walton County Sheriff’s Office, on checking the name of the complainant, it was found that she had an outstanding warrant for felony aggravated assault.

Deputies went to the address of the complainant, and after checking that she was who she had claimed to be when calling 911, she was told she was being arrested on the outstanding warrant. The charge was reported to be for producing a firearm during a dispute about nine months before. 

According to the report, the subject did not go quietly. She is reported to have resisted arrest and feigned a seizure in order to avoid a trip to jail. She was taken to the hospital, but later contacted the WCSO to find out what she needed to do after checking herself out of the hospital.

She was picked up by deputies and charged on the outstanding warrant as well as for obstruction. 

Deputies reported they did hear fireworks, however, when they went to serve the warrant.

Ned Jones August 07, 2013 at 10:10 AM
Where is the rest of the article?
Sharon Swanepoel August 07, 2013 at 11:05 AM
What are you looking for in particular Ned? She was picked up by deputies and charged.


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