Get an App to Keep Track of Your Trick-or-Treaters

Get an app to help keep track of little trick-or-treaters on Oct. 31 – Free on Oct. 23, $4.99 thereafter.

Iconosys, Inc. a mobile safety Smartphone application developer, is making available an app to help parents keep track of little trick-or-treaters as they make their way through neighborhoods on Oct. 31. The Trick or Tracker®  available year round, has made an all new Trick or Tracker® 3.0 which includes an Iconosys' tracking compass, as well as live wallpaper - with both enhancements built right into the child's/parents' phone. 

In a press release, Iconosys said with the Trick or Tracker® 3.0, “parents can rest assured during Halloween (as well as during the rest of the year!) of knowing exactly where their children are.” Since many pre-teen and teen children carry phones, parents are able to use this app to keep track of the children as they make their way through the neighborhood, on Oct. 31 as well as through the rest of the year.

"Kids are highly vulnerable even in large groups when they trick-or-treat," said Wayne Irving II, inventor of the Trick or Tracker® app and CEO and co-Founder of Iconosys. "It's nighttime, kids are going door-to-door accepting gifts mostly from people they don't actually know, they are in costume/disguised, and their parents may, in some cases, be miles away. Realizing this situation, we designed Trick or Tracker® to give parents with kids out and about that all important peace of mind, all without sacrificing any of the Halloween Holiday fun." 

Oct. 23 is the last day that this app can be downloaded for free. After that it can be downloaded for a one-time fee of $4.99.

New Key Features Included in Trick or Tracker® 3.0:

  • Set a trigger point with Iconosys' Latchkey Kid™ app (built-in) at your front yard or door and/or when your kids return home from trick-or-treating, a text message is received with a daytime satellite image.   
  • Set up a geo-fence up with Iconosys' Guards Up™ app (also built-in) which notifies Mom or Dad if the child travels outside an allowable perimeter.   
  • A new "Tracking Compass" that now appears on the app's map screen or can installed as a live wallpaper on the app, showing children the exact direction of their Mom or Dad.

Other Trick or Tracker® 3.0 Family Safety/Locator Features Include:

  • Locate the Child: With the app, parents can locate their trick-or-treater with the touch of a single button on their Smartphone for ultimate convenience.
  • Easy to Install: The app installs easily on both the parent's phone and the child's own phone. Secure Pin for Access: Parents can track their child's location through the sending of a message to the child's phone with the help of a special secret pin; the pin is picked up by the child's phone, engages the child's phone to collect GPS coordinates and responds to the parent with the exact physical location of the child.
  • Special Features: The child's phone has special "Where Am I?", "Send Location", and "Locate Parent" buttons, and the parent's phone has a corresponding "Locate Child" button. 
  • Auto Send Locations at Set Intervals: Trick or Tracker® can automatically send out updates of child's physical location, in pre-set intervals, from the child's phone to the parent's phone.
  • Parents Can Be on Any Phone: Only the child's phone must be an Android OS phone.  For the parent, any Google maps-loaded phone (including iPhone, Blackberry, or Windows Phone 8) will work using a simple manual process. However, for best results, we recommend that both the parent and the child user should be on Android OS phones.
  • Includes Flashlight: The app also has a very handy flashlight feature that illuminates the phone screen, casting a ray of light on a child's path and allowing them to travel more safely in the dark or shining a light into their treat bag as they sneak a quick treat along their journey. This flashlight feature is available in white, as well as in several glow-stick, festive colors and patterns (orange, pink, blue, red, and green).    


Trick or Tracker® 3.0 is now available for download from the www.TrickorTracker.com and Iconosys.com. The app costs $4.99 for a lifetime license. From October 18 thru October 23, you can download Trick or Tracker® for free from the www.AppHysteria.com AppStore.

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Jaime Patterson October 24, 2012 at 09:14 PM
Wow! totally getting this app. Now that my teenager wants to go alone with her friends.
Mandy McEwen October 26, 2012 at 06:42 PM
You may also want to check out the MamaBear app - not only does it track your kids location but their social media accounts as well. You'll know exactly what they are doing this Halloween!


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