Sears, RadioShack on List of Retailers Likely To Close Some Stores in 2013

Walton County does have a RadioShack dealership at Mike Cash and a Sears Store, but none of the other big retailers on the list.

According to a DailyFinance.com report, sales for U.S. retailers are so bad it's not a question of whether they will close stores, but when and how many.

With that in mind, the report predicts the eight retailers that will close the most stores in 2013. Walton County doesn't have any of the larger retailers, but it does have a Sears Store and Mike Cash has a RadioShack dealership, both located in Monroe.

On the other hand, Loganville - the Gwinnett County side - has already taken a hit with the closing of Best Buy last year. It also has an Office Max in the same center that housed Best Buy. It is not known, however, whether that is one of the stores on the chopping block.

  1. Best Buy 
  2. Sears Holding (Kmart and Sears stores) 
  3. J.C. Penney
  4. Office Depot 
  5. Barnes & Noble 
  6. Gamestop 
  7. Office Max 
  8. RadioShack

Are you expecting to see any of these in the local area close? Will you be very disappointed to see them go.


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